Rarely when we talk about delicate subjects.Well,this is one of them and I bet,you,ladies at least once had one of the problems illustrated in the picture above.I had the 3rd problem and tho to share with you this helpful post,in case you have one of the problems.
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Swimsuit old - Similar here / Sunnies - H&M

When you live in a country where you don't have access to the sea then it's sad,very sad actually and you have to travel abroad for sand and waves.Pools are a good alternative,especially when the wait is a bit longer.Stripes,stripes everywhere...why not on a swimsuit? This is my old swimsuit that I like it a lot,ok,not a lot but still.I need to buy a new one,I'm a fan of one piece swimsuit and retro bathers lately.
What kind of swimsuits do you like?
V. xx


I'm dying right now for these splendid hena tattoos.Don't you love them? This is the best alternative for a permanent tattoo (tho I want one so badly but didn't decide yet what to have on my arm) And it's better than any accessory.You're the queen of fests if you have one and not only.
Hope you have a wonderful start of the week! x


Dress - Oviesse / Sandals - Similar here

While in Italy I was trying to shop as much as possible.Unfortunately it wasn't a heaven like I expected.Tried lots of clothing and the ones that I liked were too big or made of this material that I hate so much - polyester.I ended up buying some basic pieces and like them a lot.In the last day found some lovely dresses,and this is one of them.It's versatile and can be easily transformed from an evening look to a an office outfit,just with the right accessories.
Hope you have a great week so far, Victoria x

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