September 9, 2014


Slip ons - Quiz Clothing / Overalls - Ami Clubwear / Sweatshirt - Ami Clubwear

Yeah,I am so crazy about gray right now and for me it's the most perfect color.After many years I finally own a pair of overalls,never was a big fan of this piece but I've changed my mind.Trust me,this is the best acquisition for this autumn.It's gonna be a long and warm autumn so I'll wear them a lot with my holographic slip ons and when will be colder with my ankle brown boots and a pair of tights.Such a versatile piece and a must for every girl,even if guys don't like it.
I got a flu so I'll take it easy for the rest of the week.Hope you are fine.
Have a wonderful week,
Victoria x

September 6, 2014


Yesterday I attended a super event with the legendary ATB.It was really great: good music,lots of fun and thousand shades of colors.The most colorful festival I ever saw.Really love it! Hope you'll have a nice weekend.Speak to you soon! xx

August 26, 2014


Yes,Fashion Shores has partenered with Anjolee to give you a chance to win one of the most stunning piece of jewelry you could ever own!
This is the much awaited surprise from me just for you.It's the biggest and the most special giveaway since this blog was created.You can win a wonderful piece of jewerly made of silver and gemstones.And all this thanks to the greatest shop of jewelry: Anjolee 
 You'll choose a piece of jewelry from these.

All you have to do is to enter through Rafllecopter Generator below:

Giveaway ends on September 16th
This Giveaway is open only to US residents (sorry to the rest)
Good luck my darlings! ;)

August 21, 2014


This jewelry shop called Anjolee is an unreal place.Full of amazing jewelry for every taste.I'm crazy about gemstones and silver so I really love it.Here is a mini selection of my favorites but you can browse through Anjolee and see other fantastic stuff.Don't hesitate to discover Anjolee,especially if your wedding or another celebration is soon.Tell me your favorites right here in the comments.And yeah my surprise for you is coming very very soon!
Victoria xx

Anniversary Band 

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