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Hey my dears! How are you? It's been a long time since I wrote the last blog post.To be honestly I wanted to give up blogging because I have no time, but the biggest reason is that I don't want to blog anymore.I'm getting tired and bored of everything very fast.And all this world of fashion blogging became so artificial and fake.It's not about the clothing,how to combine to inspire or how to show people your taste,it's more like showing the luxurious life you have.Still,there are bloggers who remained true to their specific blog posts.Have you ever had the same thoughts as me?
Anyway here is what I wore last weekend when I visited a beautiful garden.Casual look,perfect for long walks.As you can see it's more an artistic shot than an usual outfit,because I was all in that beauty around me,mesmerized and fascinated by the fantastic colours,smells and sounds.
Tomorrow is one special day for me,full of excitment and nostalgia.
Wish you a wonderful day.
Vic xx


Recently I've been browsing a shop and found one of my pictures featured there,how nice is that? It's one of the perks of being a fashion blogger.Today I show you some close-up shots from the outfits.Speak to you soon xx


I'm wearing: Shearling Jacket - Bershka/Similar HERE / Shirt - Ralph Lauren/Similar HERE / Bag - Maxwell Scott

This shearling jacket was an unexpected acquisition as I was looking for a coat,even if everything is on sale now,unfortunately couldn't find a coat available in my size.So I ordered a beauty online which I'll show you in a post with a "special" outfit.This look was my uniform during the last session at the uni.Comfy,cozy and very good to run from a lecture to other.This pair of boots is a budget version of my so desirable Timberlands.And they aren't bad at all,since I wore them almost every day.
It's probably one of the last winter outfits for this year,even if I didn't post so much - generally I don't like to post outfits during the cold season and there are lots of reasons.
Hope you have a nice spring,so far.And congratulations my dears with the upcoming holiday - International Woman's Day! Have a blast xx


Get the dress - HERE

This dress can be easily called "The Dress" of this spring.Its perfect - the lenght,material and the stripes.Stripes are absolutely perfect if you're petite - like me.A dress like this and a pair of gladiators is the outstanding match,ok a bit too summery but just can't wait to wear a combo like this.
Love, Vick x


I'm wearing: Skirt - Similar HERE and HERE / Turtleneck - HERE / Coat - HERE

Hey loves! How are you? Hope you're fine because I'm having the worst flu ever,couldn't even blog.Been in bed all day with temperature and it's really horrible.Now I'm a bit better.Speaking about this outfit - the most precious piece of it it's this monochrome zip skirt.I was very happy when I found it somewhere in the closet,it's just like a gemstone for me.The coat I borrowed from my mum's closet and the black turtleneck is a basic vintage piece in my wardrobe.Speak to you soon!
Victoria x

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