Recently I've been browsing a shop and found one of my pictures featured there,how nice is that? It's one of the perks of being a fashion blogger.Today I show you some close-up shots from the outfits.Speak to you soon xx


I'm wearing: Shearling Jacket - Bershka/Similar HERE / Shirt - Ralph Lauren/Similar HERE / Bag - Maxwell Scott

This shearling jacket was an unexpected acquisition as I was looking for a coat,even if everything is on sale now,unfortunately couldn't find a coat available in my size.So I ordered a beauty online which I'll show you in a post with a "special" outfit.This look was my uniform during the last session at the uni.Comfy,cozy and very good to run from a lecture to other.This pair of boots is a budget version of my so desirable Timberlands.And they aren't bad at all,since I wore them almost every day.
It's probably one of the last winter outfits for this year,even if I didn't post so much - generally I don't like to post outfits during the cold season and there are lots of reasons.
Hope you have a nice spring,so far.And congratulations my dears with the upcoming holiday - International Woman's Day! Have a blast xx


Get the dress - HERE

This dress can be easily called "The Dress" of this spring.Its perfect - the lenght,material and the stripes.Stripes are absolutely perfect if you're petite - like me.A dress like this and a pair of gladiators is the outstanding match,ok a bit too summery but just can't wait to wear a combo like this.
Love, Vick x


I'm wearing: Skirt - Similar HERE and HERE / Turtleneck - HERE / Coat - HERE

Hey loves! How are you? Hope you're fine because I'm having the worst flu ever,couldn't even blog.Been in bed all day with temperature and it's really horrible.Now I'm a bit better.Speaking about this outfit - the most precious piece of it it's this monochrome zip skirt.I was very happy when I found it somewhere in the closet,it's just like a gemstone for me.The coat I borrowed from my mum's closet and the black turtleneck is a basic vintage piece in my wardrobe.Speak to you soon!
Victoria x


I was wearing: Jumper-Dress - Blue Vanilla / Boots - New Look / Bag - Zara

Sorry for being quiet but finally I am here with a blog post.Hectic times: just finished my uni session and now I'm back at the work again.But enough about this,let's discuss about the sweet thing - clothing.I'm a big fan of jumper-dresses,they are so cozy and comfy,perfect for winter and not only.I need to expand my winter collection of dresses,tho it's really hard to find a good one.This one is from Blue Vanilla - a lovely shop with pieces for every taste (psst their new spring collection arrived and it's gorgeous! ) Also the boots are on sale now,but almost everything now is on sale so go get them till thy're still there!

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